Ensure Confidentiality with Oath

Keep shared information confidential with Oath. Oath creates Smart Contracts on the Blockchain to record when you share confidential information and when the recipient agrees to keep it that way. The information shared is never stored on the Blockchain. Oath is integrated with iMessage, so creating an Oath contract is as simple as sharing a photo. Boom. Done.

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Have You Ever..

Had an idea, a document, a photo, a video or an audio file you wanted to share but needed to be kept confidential? With one click you initiate a Blockchain secured confidentiality agreement before sending via iMessage. When, and only when the recipient agrees to confidentiality, your shared content is revealed to them.

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Proof when you need it

Download a signed and enforceable Blockchain verified confidentiality agreement anytime.


What Makes Oath Great

We set out to build a simple and powerful platform for the free exchange of ideas and materials without the fear factor.

Like Magic

We set out to build something powerful and simple. Our entire team has had the experience of the free flow of ideas halted while we wait for attorneys to redline themselves into a coma. No more we say, no more!


User reviews

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— Rando, Starbucks #

I REALLY need that!

I'm tired of photos meant for one person being shared without my permission.

— All the people, All the places #

I totally thought of this like 2 years ago

Sure you did Buddy, well then you should have gotten an Oath...Oh wait.

— Joe Schmo, Main Street #


Yep, we know, that's why we built it. We're pumped

— Rick Sanchez, Everywhere #


Oh sweetie, you're so smart and I just know you're going to make it

— Grandma, Kitchen #

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Stop sharing without an Oath

Get the confidence you deserve when sharing sensative information with Oath.